The words meant nothing.

  Destiny always returns. At the cost of karma. At the cost of honesty. At the cost of the heart. Nothing else matters. There is a reality. There is a thought. With whom you’d better feel. Who is less selfish. It is love that wins. It is a strength. My versus yours. My with yours. […]

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Sometimes I wrote.

  Once I spoke. Never to the others. Day after day, I save some more of me. Just for you. I hear you. I feel in myself. Sometimes I only dream. I live those lives, all those plans. I have to be here with you. I have to continue worldwide. To see the sun. For […]

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  If you do not express the thought, there is no worth in life. So I always talked. So, I always annoyed. Small paths do not exist. The biggest surprise is still holding me. It seems that back then the on balcony with the sea view was quite strong. And so profound. Begging me not to […]

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Tell them how it is.

Tell them how it is when you awaken up with kisses. Tell them how it is when you fall asleep. Tell them how it is when you’re beloved heavenly. Tell them how it is when someone wakes up with only one thought, your happiness. Tell them how it is when someone dreams of your pain. […]

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Alone with our souls.

By twos. As first graders. They are coming, searching, they do not even know themselves. And so irresistibly cute. Safe hearts, uncertain in the mornings, promising in their eyes. By twos. To not lose each other, to have someone to cling to follow. Same way, me and you. And once we get to know, we are […]

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Dust everywhere.

That dust, which always inevitably give tears to your eyes. You learn it, you get used to the tears imperceptibly erased. Slowly and unconsciously, you think she’s everywhere. You wake up and live in dusty mornings. But you have to. Each particle is its planted in you forever. I did not want to be your […]

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Known for solitude.

I see only dark and there is no way to catch the light. You again are not here to stop them. The same view all over again. You take me up and you take me down. Where windows are always open. Where you’re always home. Where no one ever existed. There in front of all […]

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18 Clouds.

We were eighteen clouds over the world. The first one was excited, the second one scared us. The third I loved and i was proud there. The fourth you were skeptical about. I overcame it and I got near you to bring you to the sixth cloud. There we were together in peace. The seventh […]

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Beautiful as time passes by.

Love from day-to-day, although the sun began to hide somewhere. Only from you can’t hide. Decorated homes, ready to turn in luck. Decorated streets, and children like me, wait. I am waiting too. When I silently watching them when I touch imperceptibly. And I waited, year after year. In the coldest days, your face and […]

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