Why are there sick children?

As every other Soul out there, there are Souls which choose to experience life on Earth and to finish it as small children due to some illness. It is all part of the great Journey as Souls, where no life is finished but every life is just a continuous transfer of the consciousness.  It is […]

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Do ghosts exist?

Not in a form that you are classifying them. They certainly exist since they are energy, but they are not hunting anyone or trying to scare someone. They are simply there because they choose to stay a little longer on Earth. Usually,  Souls that experienced sudden death in human body want to stay a little […]

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Why all the evil in world?

What you call evil has different meaning in Spiritual world. It means experiencing everything that is opposite of Love and Peace. So, to be able to fully experience Love and Peace, as well as Forgiveness, Souls must face the opposite of it and that is  what you call evil. I, as a Higher Self empathize […]

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What is Spiritual world like?

It is like being surrounded with all the Love in the world, with all the Joy and Comfort centered around you. Like when you dream and in your dreams you can be whoever you want to be, wherever you want to be. Free, loved and joyful. To have all the knowledge without the pain. Without […]

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