Tribute to all Soul workers.

It happens, every day. Deep, deep down, when you scrape the last piece beneath all, what do you find in a human? Unfortunately, separateness. The human ego made it so hard to reach to his Soul inside that it’s almost non existing part of us. It’s almost unnoticeable. It’s barely alive. No matter, how much […]

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An apology to ourselves.

The last couple of days,ย I once again felt emotionally the lowest point of a person can feel in this human form. This happens since I am no Spirit 100 % of the time and being mindful most of the period it makes even harder when I ”fall” in only being a human. So, if a […]

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The Growing Self Blogger Award

  Hey guys, once again i was nominated for an Award and this is so far my favorite! The Growing Self Blogger Award. Well, this one i am not sharing, no, no. It is all for me, cause i do the Growing work ( Sorry, Higher Self) ๐Ÿ™‚ But, most important, big gratitude to Roda, […]

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Awesome Blogger Award.

Okay, so I got nominated for the Awesome Blogger Award. Was it I, or was it my Higher Self? I would say it is only fairย if we split it. It is the only one because I started this blog after all. When you have so many insights that can help the world and when you […]

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