Its OK to turn away from your path.

You know what? It’s really fine to switch your previous path, a long waited, designed in your head path. A whole idea for your life and life image  that you were waiting to come true. But no matter what, that simply didn’t happened. Life was constantly taking you to some other places, some other people, pulling you away from your original idea. And if you don’t resist it can take you to a wonderful places. You see, you think you have figured it out, your life purpose. Boy, we can be sooo wrong. Or not. But, at the end of the day what it sums up is the following : we all got plenty of ways, plenty of asses in our sleeves to work it through this life. We are designed to be different, to learn, to teach. Accept every way the Universe offers you to learn something or to teach something. Because every single part of us is a learner and a teacher. Whatever the Universe offers you, you take. It will always put you on a good path, even if it’s not what you thought  it would be. Accept the challenge, because we are not designed to be great only in one thing, in one area. We are designed to be great in every field we want us to be. The only difference it is, the love you pursue towards one thing more than another. And this is where we are all fulled by ourselves. It is not the love that counts, it is the Genuine love that counts. You may love one career, but you may genuinely love something else even more. You may love your career so much and work your ass off, but nothing special will happen if you don’t Genuinely love. Of course you will move forward one step at a time and get a couple of bonuses etc, but it wont counts so much for your Soul because deep inside she would know that there is an area were she is more wanted.  Explore, look around, do not settle, do not give up. Never. Just, go with the flow.



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