A letter to you.

Dear Soul lovers,

There is a reason why my presence here has reduced. A lot of things are happening (moving to a new apartment, couple of projects, Astor is becoming a teenager :)) but the most exciting news for me at this moment are the classes that I will lead at one of the best Yoga schools here. Since my interest of Spirituality started, I have always hoping that i will reach to that point where i can teach all of this great things to people same as me, eager for some more knowledge of Soul growth. Every book that i read, every interview that i passionately watched, memorizing everything i could possibly can, every meditation that i took, every post that i wrote has led to this new, long desired chapter of my life, where i can finally have my own students to whom i can give  everything that was ever given to me all of this years. I can not explain how grateful i am to this possibility and how excited i am to be practicing something that i really believe was my assigned profession for this life. This is my gift to the world, this is how i can contribute to as many people as possible, to help them transfer the focus from physical to Spiritual life and start living from their Soul. For me at least, there is no greatest gift than getting introduced to a whole new perspective of living, to a whole new place you have never visited and i will be always honored if i can convey that knowledge in the best possible way. I said this before, i will say this one more time: it doesn’t matter if its one or thousand readers/students as long as i full field my ‘job’ and that person feels more serene after reading/listening my words. The readers/students will come upon their needs for learning things useful for their Souls not upon my request for bigger audience. The Universe has never worked that way and never will. So, this is my ‘excuse’ for not being here so often. I hope it counts 🙂




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