Astor <3

I was wondering what this post should be about, and then it just occurred to me that maybe i can show off a little with this cute, little buddy of mine!

I know you liked him before and now I hope you will fall in love with him because i for sure believe that those eyes are irresistible.

However, he is the happiest dog i have ever met and he is foodie just like me, its all about the food in our world!

Let’s see what you think.

  • -”Please give me treat, I was soooo good today”


  • ”Hm,  I thought i saw some food over there. Oh, no, those cats once again.”21245237_376557776093282_2093463237_n


  • -” I am asking kindly, give me food”


• ”Come on Ellie, give me food and then play with me”


• – ” I randomly chill on the street”



Thank you Astor for the wonderful month together. You filled our home with so much love and happiness. I cant wait to see you all grown up!



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