Ask, answer,act.

Life will push you as many times as it needs to teach you that you are the most important thing in the world, no matter the success or recognition the society gives you or not. It is you in the morning, it is you in the end of the day. You and your loved ones. What would it take for you to just accept that? To not ask anymore for anyone’s approval, validation, affection, praise. To believe in ourselves, to be the only one whose words will count in any future decisions. You made it so far, right? You. You.You. And you can go further, faster, if for a second you ditch the world in a second place and put yourself in the first. And from tomorrow on, you ask yourself each morning: Is this is what I want to do today? Is this makes me feel good? Is this is what I love, who i am? Ask, answer, act.

If you do this each morning, in the beginning of each day, you are giving the world, the Universe a very strong message. That YOU matter first. Your wishes, your demands, your emotions. That you set the tempo of your own life, of your own desires. If you feel exhausted, make it stop. If you feel like nothing is moving around you, make it move. Direct your own music, your own rhythm.  Just set yourself free and stop waiting the world to set you free. It will never. It will keep you as a hostage for an eternity. The world can be a mean place if you let it rule your life. But, if you take the ownership, it can be wonderful place. You matter first. I matter first. We all matter each morning, day and life. Not the world.


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