Signs of a grown Soul.

We are humans of wonder, humans who often ask themselves is the person next to them has succeed more. We are measured, predicted and defined by success. Or at least we think that way until we reach to the point where something different is even  greater. That spot is called happy to be alive. Happy to be here on Earth, happy to be alive just to experience things. The experience by itself is the most rewarding truth you will ever find out. Most of the humans will feel this way after some low point in their life, but some of them will awaken by themselves. Usually we all are hoping for a wonderful things in our personal life and career. But we are accelerating that process as fast as we can just to enjoy the final product. What if we try to enjoy along the way? I am one of those persons who always want to reach to the final product. And i am very aware that it is because of a selfish reasons, because i want to feel proud and successful. I want to add another thing on my success list, just so i can check that list whenever i doubt myself. That is not the real reason why anyone should aim to small or big goals. The main reason must be the love for the experience by itself no matter how will end. Maybe it will be on the success list or maybe on the list of failures. But, the truth is there is only one list because your true experience is a success story every time as long you are grasping those moments of life  and you are learning by everything that life offers. It is very liberating to know that everything you do, everything that happens it serves you to make you re-remember that you are perfect and those are just life scenario constructions that you must pass to reach to more advanced level, to more advanced you. Be peaceful, be still, be joyful. That’s trully matters.


Something your Soul wants to say?

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