Do we understand each other?

I believe the largest true a person can find is that he creates his own reality. And not just in the big things, small things like talking to someone and getting that person message. I wonder if you have experienced talking with someone and that person totally understands you wrong. It seems like we all have our own little translators in our heads which are translating the words which are coming from someone else into our own language. And that language is very unique and familiar only to us. It is created by our childhood experiences, our self-awareness, our self-love. It is very tough to understand each other as a humans. I believe that animals developed more understandable approach towards themselves than humans. Because we are very complicated. We are created by a body and Β a Soul. And the fact that most of us are unaware of that makes it even more difficult. The truth is once again that we are unable to understand each other due to that personal translator but also because we are unable to put ourselves into someone else position. Because we still feel so detached one from another. It is only our personal views which matters as we are existing by ourselves. If you detach from your body and look around you will find billions of unique translator minds operating from their standing point. It is totally understandable why so many conflicts among people and nations. We can’t go on like that forever. We must put ourselves in the other person mind and try to translate things together. We must get closer look in one another and understand better. We are the same, we only have different experiences and that experiences doesn’t make us better or worse. They just make us different in this realm, in this world. It really doesn’t take much to put yourself in some other shoes and see their standing point and try to understand. And always remember those mind translators are in the worst edition when you as a person are in fighting mood. Then, the ego is in his most powerful edition and he act as a fuel to the mind. So, love yourself first, understand yourself first, get to know yourself first to be able to get to know the others, to be able to love the others. After all in most of the cases, when you are the angriest to someone else, you are angriest to yourself.


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