Astor <3

I was wondering what this post should be about, and then it just occurred to me that maybe i can show off a little with this cute, little buddy of mine! I know you liked him before and now I hope you will fall in love with him because i for sure believe that those […]

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Ask, answer,act.

Life will push you as many times as it needs to teach you that you are the most important thing in the world, no matter the success or recognition the society gives you or not. It is you in the morning, it is you in the end of the day. You and your loved ones. […]

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Signs of a grown Soul.

We are humans of wonder, humans who often ask themselves is the person next to them has succeed more. We are measured, predicted and defined by success. Or at least we think that way until we reach to the point where something different is even ¬†greater. That spot is called happy to be alive. Happy […]

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Do we understand each other?

I believe the largest true a person can find is that he creates his own reality. And not just in the big things, small things like talking to someone and getting that person message. I wonder if you have experienced talking with someone and that person totally understands you wrong. It seems like we all […]

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