Be where your feet are.

Every night when we go to bed, we fall asleep dreaming of better tomorrow. Dreaming of better version of us, more successful versions, more confident, more good-looking. We dream of changing our own life to better, to feel better. We are constructing the best version of us placed in the future, conditioned by some already planned  achievements.

It brings comfort that tomorrow something can be better, something can change.

And than, the day comes when changes are happening. You’ve got your dream car, your dream house, things are just going the way like you have always wanted.

I will tell you this, most of you will feel the same if you didn’t come to this realization sooner: there is nothing in the future that can make you feel better, because as the outside change, you must change internally. You must be happy with yourself, confident with yourself, loving yourself and life that you have, long before the outside changes. Because if you don’t do that, the disappointment is around the corner along with every success that you will achieve. Nothing can make you feel right, nothing can make you the best version of yourself except you and that is an undeniable fact.

The outcome will change as the inner growth happens and that is the only proven way for true happiness. Don’t rush anywhere, allow yourself to grow slowly every day, allow yourself to make mistakes and to learn from them. There is plenty of time for you to be everything you want, in this or in other lives. If you ask me I would do it all in this life, but i can’t. Previously, i was thinking i want to be an athlete, i want to be well-known author, i want to be world traveler and many, many other roles for which many parts of me resonate with. And you can be any of them, but not all of them. Because there are plenty of options, plenty of roles you can choose to live, but in this life you should be only what you are. Therefore, for this life, i will not try to be anyone else, except Ellie right here and right now.  That only means taking a step after step, day after day, slowly expanding my awareness for my purpose in this life. And i will allow this process to bring me wherever i need to be as long as it is in alignment with my Soul. That can mean not fulfilling my dreams, or my ego dreams, and that is fine. Cause i would rather live with peaceful Soul than fulfilled ego wishes that does not resonates with my Soul. And to live this way, means to live without hidden agenda. Only you and your life, nothing in between.

Because, ego dreams brings instant happiness and Soul dreams brings lifelong serenity.



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