New family member, new self-discoveries.

Hey to all Soul lovers,

First, let me introduce you to the new family member, Astor- a two month old Golden retriever! 🙂

So, it finally happened. After almost two months of searching, this chubby ball arrived and he is here to stay. You know how we all have certain dreams in life and we are always chasing the picture perfect that we already created in our minds, often forgetting that we are not in charge, at least not for the big part. I have always wanted two dogs, one golden retriever, one black Labrador, house, kids.

Taking the fact that I am very connected to my Higher self, I think of Astor as a Soul  that i know from my previous lives and that he was ment to come to my life in order to teach me something. So, day two of his arrival he had tought me that habits are here to be changed for something even better. He thought me that to be safe doesn’t mean that you should have things under control and that his presence is bringing only happy moments and even more Love. I  also, slowly realized that i am a slave of my everyday life. I am resistant to even minor changes. I am afraid of losing the comfort, affraid of loosing my own time.

It seems to me that often the idea of something, the longing of something great, in most of the cases is welcomed when it serves as an escape of our reality, as a wondering thought. But, when the idea is a reality, well, then the struggle begins.

I have wanted this puppy for so long. When he arrived I get scared of this new, daily rituals, of this new Soul in my life. Almost felt like loosing myself. Now, i know that i am only afraid of changes, no matter good or bad. The society thought us that if something is working, you shouldnt change it. But, what if, just what if, it can be even better?

I guess we all have our own struggles and this is one of mine. The fact is, that when in reality one of our dreams comes true, that doesn’t mean only pleasant feelings will follow. Everything that happens has something to teach you, to discover in you something that you have never been familiar with. And that lessons sometimes are coming through our life dreams.

And I am proud to say that i was able to change those feelings, to throw them far, far away in order to accept a new best friend, a Soul that even in animal shape is still one of me, one of all of us. I guess, its true that you must feel love for an animal to discover a whole new part of yourself. I am glad i discovered mine.



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