Small wins matter.

I believe it is very familiar to all of us that feeling of constant aiming for the bigger picture, for reaching the big dream. And while we are so stubborn to reach for the moon the fastest way, we are neglecting all the little stars that we are collecting along the way. We are winning all those small battles on a daily base but we don’t acknowledge them, we don’t appreciate them enough. We are living the life that it is in our minds and thoughts, thinking of the future, imagining how we would enjoy in it. Unfortunately we are building that future over our present time, forgetting that we live now and this now tomorrow will be different no matter how we imagined, but how it will bring much-needed experience for us that will teach us humanity and love.

Those small wins are all we have and those are the one to hold on to. Nothing more, nothing big. One small win at a time is enough for your biggest dream to come true.

Believe me, you don’t want to hold the moon in your hands without every little star that comes with it. The moon without the stars is nothing. Your biggest dream ย without your smallest wins is nothing.


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