A full week of fruits and veggies.

This week we were living literary in Dante Alighieri Inferno since it was so hot outside.

And when it is 40°C outside you don’t get to eat anything which will demand body gestures more than necessary. You don’t get to use your oven or electric stove. But, i am lucky to live in a country where fruits and vegetables still taste like they should, so we get to eat variety of  fresh vegetable and fruit salads.

This is my whole week lunch, since breakfast and dinner were only water.


*Apricot, peach and blueberry salad




*This is traditional Macedonian salad from tomatoes, onions, green peppers and white sheep cheese. It is something you usually drink with Rakija ( very strong drink usually made from grapes).


P.s Today we are privileged with a cold breeze, so maybe a nice, juicy burger for lunch will be excellent for balance. ( You need opposite of everything, to appreciate the good staff more, remember?).

Маybe this would sound strange to some of you, but on a days like these when i eat meat or something which i consider a junk food i find myself challenged even more to continue with my 90% plant-based diet. Being ‘naughty’ from time to time, triggers and expands the good behavior in my case. And even this can serve as a base for further observations, for now it is not a general conclusion but just something that is working for me on a daily base.

And since I believe everyone has its own motivator  i would really like to know whats yours 🙂


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