The beauty of option B.

We have all been there, wrapped in the snuggling thought of our own grown up dreams. Doctor, pilot, astronaut,chef, every child big dream. Year after year we keep dreaming and developing dreams over dreams, we build our world around it, we make a whole life around one dream. And if everything works along the plan the dream come true since  up to a point it’s mostly simple, unmistakable process: you study hard, you do whatever it takes to become what you want.

But, sometimes, oh sometimes, there is something which comes in front of your original dream and which is called life. And you are trying to avoid to, to circle around it to come back to the path of you making your dream come true, just to find out that the road is closed. So, you go on and you choose a different path, different way because after all there are plenty of ways which can lead you to a same destination. But, that door is also closed.  You struggle for a while, just to find out that almost every door is closed. Than, you start doubting in your self, in your worthiness.

Please don’t, there is nothing wrong with you. There is secret key to all those closed doors and the secret is you allowing to be One with the Universe, with the energy in it. You must become one with that energy since obviously she want to take you to places.

What is important right now is to stop resisting what life is offering you. Because, if you stop for a moment and take a break from fulfilling of what you thought is your dream purpose, life will open for you plenty of doors which will lead to a happiness that you couldn’t ever dream of.  You need to remember that we as a humans are not all-knowing what’s best for us entities. We are very limited beings which can’t see the bigger picture unless it’s in front of us. But, for the bigger picture to be able to come to us, we must open ourselves. Eventually, there are times where you need to switch your dream for your Soul dream. If they are aligned than great. But if they aren’t and life has something better for you, than please allow it without resistance. There is no point of resistance because it only drains your energy, it is lowering your vibration focus and  it is making you weaker.

This is not by any means giving up from your dreams, it is simple allowing a bigger dream to come true for you.

Just change the direction and go with it. Sometimes, we don’t need dreams to follow. Sometimes, we have a Soul desire to follow and we need nothing for that.

Just simple being as we are and living with it, grasping every chance that is being given to us and will get us whenever we need to be.  And that is all right.

Option B is sometimes much better than option A.


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