Tribute to all Soul workers.

It happens, every day. Deep, deep down, when you scrape the last piece beneath all, what do you find in a human? Unfortunately, separateness. The human ego made it so hard to reach to his Soul inside that it’s almost non existing part of us. It’s almost unnoticeable. It’s barely alive.

No matter, how much you dig deeper, search, fight, long after it, at the end you will still find one big I instead of WE. Luckily, that is not the end. So, In case you notice the big I in yourself, in your loved once, it just means you need to fight harder. Fight harder for your Soul to reborn itself, to come an inch closer to your surface. And with each day passed she needs to get closer and closer. She strive to be seen in your eyes, that is her goal. Every Soul wants to be seen in her human entity eyes. Every Soul wants to connect to another Soul seeing herself as a mirror in someone else eyes. Because, they know they are one, they are sisters, soul mates, friends, they are ONE.

What do humans ego sees in one another eyes? Separateness, fear, jealousy, anger.

If they notice a thread towards the ego they fight harder, they become angry, they choose themselves over YOU. And that is indeed a reality that is not promising a lot.

But, here we are, Soul fighters, Soul warriors and we don’t give up. We never, never give up, even if our ego’s won our battles sometimes. The war is not over until the Soul wins (this is the one and only time when ‘war’  actually represents necessary fight).

That is why I honor you Light workers, Soul lovers, Soul warriors. I am thankful for knowing you, for being able to see your work, to stand by you and share our experiences together. If you ever  thought that nothing you have done matters, that no matter how hard you try the world wins, you are wrong. You matter, your work makes a significant difference. You make the world a better place without a doubt. Even with only one Soul touched for the day, your job is done, although i know your mission is to touch as many Souls as possible. Never doubt yourself and your Soul purpose.

And keep remembering, Love is ALIVE!


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