Where does Soul reside?

Have you ever wonder where Soul resides in the body? Where she actually is? Many people think that she belongs in the stomach area because we have our gut feeling there.

They aren’t wrong, but there is more precise area where Soul resides most of the time.

It is the heart where she belongs and that is not by accident. We all know that to be physically alive means to have a heartbeat and as opposite after the last heartbeat a person is called dead. But what people don’t consider is what is happening there between those heartbeats. The heart beats only because Soul wants that, because she instructs the heart.

You know, when you are upset or afraid your heart beats stronger and when you sleep or you are in peace beats slower. Once again, there are plenty of medical evidence for the reasons behind the rate of the heartbeat, but we all know that we can raise our heartbeat in a second if we imagine or picture a scene which fears us deeply or we can slow down if we imagine peaceful surrounding. This means someone else is in charge, someone who knows better. Someone who knows how powerful we are and it is here to remind us of what we are capable of and that includes controlling our own bodies through our inner insights. It is not just our minds and the bodies, there are someone who is behind all that and it is pulling the strings from our birth till our death. It is the Soul who decides when the first and the last heartbeat will be. Everything that you do has her attention. Everything that you need help with she is here to help, to remind. She usually does that with the familiar intuition that you can feel in your gut. Everything goes through the stomach area, so why not intuition. Either you will benefit from it or it will release itself.

What we call intuition is a Soul energy which we all have felt.

So yes, it is the heart where Soul resides. They have the same meaning, therefore the same place of residing. If the heart is a symbol of life on Earth, the Soul is symbol of eternal life. While we are in human form, they go along, they coordinate, they collaborate, they work and remind you whats steps to take so you can maintain your body longer. Your Soul speaks through many, many windows and one of them is your body. Just listen.


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