Let’s own our flaws.

“Imperfections are not inadequacies; they are reminders that we’re all in this together.”
― Brené Brown

We all have our own imperfections, our own signature flaws and that makes us beautiful. All of those what you call flaws are everything you have been and everything you are. You are caring your Soul through many years, many lives.  And In every single one of them she knows she is perfect no matter the shape she is in. Because, you are all in this togeteher perfect or not, you are all the same.But, you still struggle to remember.

It’s all right to have flaws. It is much better to be in peace with your flaws than trying to achieve perfection because no matter how close you’ll come to what you think its perfection, you will never have it. It doesnt trully exist, It is a concept. And beccause of it, it’s totally subjective. Because, the perfection comes from the inside. No matter what you do, where you go, how much money you make, you will never feel perfect since only you can determine what is your perfection. Aiming for the next big thing is so ego like. Looking for perfection from the outside in.

If you think about it, how you came to this point, the point where most of the time you see your flaws than your excellency, you will probably find that through the years behind, your ego built many doors in your mind and they are all closed. Not only they are closed, they are locked and their keys are nowhere to be found obviously. The only thing you are left to do is wandering around clueless of how to solve those feelings that brings you down every time you have to spend some time alone. Not to worry at all, only you will need to look deeper and find every key separately so you can open those doors one by one. One door for being free of fears, one door to feel Real love, one door for courage so you can align with your Soul purpose, etc. There are many of them. Considering this state of mind, It’s no strange that most of the Earth people live in a shell made of their ego minds. And that life is no life, my Earth friends.

The key of happiness is in your hearts and in the center of your heart your Soul resides. She is centered where your life starts and that is no coincidence.  She wants for you to be alive, truly alive. She wants for you to remember who you are besides all this ego obstacles that Earth life is confronting you with all the time. I want that for you. And the best part is that you want that for you.



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