An apology to ourselves.

The last couple of days, I once again felt emotionally the lowest point of a person can feel in this human form. This happens since I am no Spirit 100 % of the time and being mindful most of the period it makes even harder when I ”fall” in only being a human. So, if a person who is ‘regular’  and not at all connected with the Spiritual bliss, feel blue for the day, i get to feel that 10 times stronger. It is really bad. It usually last about 2 days, and after the second day i am emotionally drained.  But, in that moment when i feel so tired, so separate from the Oneness, in exactly those moments i always get one strong inside. You’ve got Love. Than I ‘wake’ up from this human cloud that covered my Soul in darkness and once again i rise. Because when you know you have Love and everyone has it, it is easier to be excited for the day, for the life.  Even if you don’t feel it at the moment, the knowledge of her, existing here around you is good enough to keep you going. And after that, it hit me  even more. It’s fine to have flaws. Whats not ok is to wait to eliminate them, to reach something more, which will make you love yourself more. In this exact moment you must Love yourself as you are the King of the world.  What most of us humans are doing, is waiting for something to achieve so we can love ourselves more. We seems to love everyone else for what they are, but not ourselves. There is always something more and the voice inside is telling you: Once you are there, i will respect you more. But, you may or may not got there. And that is perfectly fine. It doesn’t matter. What truly matters is the Love you’ve got for yourself no matter where  you are standing now in the success scale that society puts in front of you and rub it in your face.

We all have our grand mission here on Earth and in the core of that mission is to spread Love on a different ways that resonates with us. To make this world better. Some of us are writing, some of us are singing, cooking, etc. If we get to know that, to recognize the mission in our life, we are one step closer to Mastering the life. We are here to Love, to comfort, to support each other with no hidden agenda. It seems to me that I had one that sneaked me and tricked me. The hidden agenda for my ego was to somehow get validated from the world. But I promise you now that i no longer expect anything in return. If this is the far i can go, its totally fine. I know that Love is there and the Souls that we have touched with our work are those who are counting the most.  I validate myself for just being here and being aware. For knowing what Love is, for knowing how blessed i am. And you are too. So, i apologize to myself. For being too hard on myself, for conditioning the amount of love that i will give to myself accordingly to my achievements. If you also own yourself an apology, release it and try to remember all this when you will start to beat up once again. I will definitely. And the only validation that i will be looking forward for, will be my Soul applause.


6 thoughts on “An apology to ourselves.

  1. Love is food to the soul. Beyond that, you are loved. There are over 7 billion people in this global village, if nothing at all someone loves you, and that someone is you. Loving yourself is the greatest power you can give yourself, because it is the key to living an unconditionally happy life.

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