Saturday morning fever and Sunday funday

I love weekends!

And the main reason is breakfaaaast! There is something special for me when the weekend is here and I am preparing breakfast for me and my loved ones. The pleasure is even bigger since during the working days I eat only fruit for breakfast and that is working for me excellent. Although i  will admit that i am looking forward for the  weekend breakfast feast!  This is what we had on Saturday :

Ultra delicious, full of fiber – bowl of grains, combined with vanilla soy milk and berries. ( Sorry for the  picture, obviuosly my ego  wanted to show of with the pot of mint)


On Sunday we indulge ourselves with a frittata full of veggies.

*Free range eggs, spinach, onions, peas, tomato, feta cheese.


While i was having breakfast and enjoying my morning coffee, i realized even more how those small moments are the things that are worth the most. Sharing your favorite food with your favorite person, long talks, music, nature. We already have all that in our hands. If we take the blinds from our eyes, if we stop for a moment we will realize that happines is already here. Living mindfully is the bliss that we all deserve and are entitle with.

Share your food, take care of eachother, love a pet, enjoy the ride!


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