The shift between pre-birth Soul plan and conscious choice.

In my previous posts I have written in many occasions that human life outcomes are determined either from the person pre-birth Soul plan or from their conscious choice. So, I would like to explain this little further. Pre-birth Soul plan means that your Soul already determines the shape of your human experiences while on Earth, which means that she picked the family that will join her, the career, the lover/spouse, etc. It was a mutual agreement between every Soul that is included in your life Journey. It was an agreement that you made. So, you might want to remember this, when something bad will happen that the main reason is; it will serve a great purpose. I know this is hard, but i promise you it will.

So accordingly, It doesn’t matter if the life will be the greatest life ever or the most difficult. The Soul chooses what she thinks it will serve her the best experience she needs for. Therefor, on your Earth Journey as a human you will experience whatever your Soul wants you to experience. But if you think you have no choise  here, you are wrong. Here comes the other part that gives you a voice to decide and that is your conscious.

You have the right to choose over again while on Earth. Let’s say some Soul decided to experience difficult illness and everything that comes with it. The illness is what was its Soul choice of experience, not that the person will die from it.  If the sick person, learn everything that she should from this experience and get enlightened from it, gain awareness, get to listen the voice of her Soul, re-remember who she was, there is a big probability the person will heal itself from its own illness. Most of the time, people can’t overcome and live through an illnes due to their own nonalignment with their Souls, due to their own ego’s interfering their way to their origin core, their Souls.

It is very likely to overcome a difficult experiences in this human life, to overcome big loss, to overcome illness, being broke, being alone if you try to align your life with your Soul purpose. Originally Souls picks experiences to learn and some of them may cause death for the human body. But Souls are not worried from that fact, since they know that the process can be repeated many, many times. But, if you get in alignment with your Soul you will pass that experiences with easiness and your Soul will be able to learn many lessons in this lifetime without any of them causing death to the body.

So, I urge you to fix your self-esteem and don’t drive fast, stop your self-destruction and you will find the love of your life, get in alignment with your Soul purpose and you will never get sick. And don’t forget to hug yourself, on a daily base.


7 thoughts on “The shift between pre-birth Soul plan and conscious choice.

    1. This Spiritual Journey for me started with plenty of teachings about Spirituality, but I started the blog as soon as I started to have insights from my Higher Self. So, yes, It is a combination of both in a way. Thank you for your support! 😊

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