Feed your Soul, literally.

Hey to all Soul lovers and foodies!

I did a lot of thinking about this one, but what can I do, I love food, I love to cook and I love to eat! So, I decided to combine my two loves, Higher Self, and food. You know, the struggle is real. I sometimes, as any living creature on this Planet want to eat junk food.  But then, his majesty Higher Self will start injecting his wisdom into my mind with all that explanations about how unhealthy that food is and how is not good for both the body and mind and how everything which is a vegetable, fruit, nuts, grain is the best option. Well, I will not suffer alone anymore 🙂

I decided to share with you the meals that I and Higher Self agreed are the best options that would satisfy my body and my Soul. They are mostly vegan and vegetarian recipes.

( I admit, sometimes I do cheat meals).

I didn’t always take care of my body and mind through my diet. I used to smoke, drink more often, eat plenty of processed meat and bread. I am not happy with that, but luckily it is all in the past. When I started to awaken my Soul it all came naturally, step by step, slowly. The food was introducing to me, the ingredients, the combinations of it, so I got interested in cooking my own food, experimenting with all the traditional dishes and combining them with a healthy substitute.  I have never been big meat lover so it came easy to me to eliminate meat. Though, I am a sucker for dairy. I try to reduce the days when I eat dairy, but I think I would never go vegan. It simply doesn’t work for me, even I did try. It was great for a period of time (i managed to stay dairy free for two weeks) for cleansing the body and all the benefits that come with it.

I really think the food we are getting into our bodies has significant meaning and has a lot of influence on our daily balance. It is pleasure, it is something you are looking for to come, it is a comfort. As everything, what I consider for Soul food is my personal view, it maybe will work for you or maybe you will need to adjust your personal diet. Whatever brings that peace and joy inside your heart along with the burst of energy in your body is your perfect diet.

I hope I will inspire you to maybe try some of the dishes or give you an idea what to eat for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

So, here we are. Today lunch is tada aa aaa,



  • Cous-cous bowl with tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers, spring onions, sweet potato and pickled radishes.

5 thoughts on “Feed your Soul, literally.

  1. I agree with you that “the food we are getting into our bodies has significant meaning and has a lot of influence on our daily balance.” Our Mother Earth give us everything we need for our daily balance. I like the colors of the rainbow on my plate. Thank you for sharing!

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