A closer look at the reason behind your darkest fears.

How many times have you imagined your closest one death? Your own death? Any kind of accident? Imagining death of someone is just an attempt of the ego to remind you how vulnerable you are. It is nothing more than trying to cope with the great loss before even occurs. It gives him the power of greatness. Because the Soul is not scared of death. Ego is. So, what he is doing is creating those pictures of accidents, death, fear, to handle that loss even before occur.  He is full of doubts. He is scared of losing the control over the life, and imagining those things gives him the power to create an unwanted situation and react on it before it even happens. The fact that he feels more prepared that way it gives him comfort. It gives him control, and you think it gives you control. Just a thought longer even it hurts like hell. Especially at night. When it should be the quietest time after a long day.  Those bad bugs in your mind are then starting their job. Making your thoughts wander around, looking at the all the things that can go wrong. And once you allow them, you are up all night, looking in the selling, wondering how you got to this point and how to get back to sleep.

The fact is, imagining it or not, it would still hurt the same if it happens. You are not doing any favor to yourself, allowing the ego to put you through that heartbreaking thoughts, to place such an unwanted scenarios in your mind and feelings that go along with those thoughts.

And it takes the joy out of you, without any reason. Those are his fears, not yours. He is just projecting them through your mind so he can retain power. No one should scare you from living your life fully. Your Soul is not scared of anything. So, you shouldn’t be also.

You can’t predict the future, you can’t possibly know what tomorrow brings (even do, you can sense certain happenings and avoid them if your intuition is well-developed). What you can do, is sit back and enjoy. Enjoy every moment of your life while here on Earth. All is well for today. All will be well tomorrow.


5 thoughts on “A closer look at the reason behind your darkest fears.

  1. I have been worrying about my parents’ death since I was a child, mostly at night, when the dark would fall upon me with its scary fingers. I still think about this after almost half a century. My parents are still here. But now I know that all is well for today. Thank you!

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