The Secret of the Universe.

The Universe… The biggest mystery of all. Mathematicians, Physicist, Spiritualists, they all try to define it according to the knowledge of their area and yet, no one thought that from a point of a human view no one will understand Universe. That maybe the Universe is not understandable purposefully until you reach some of the highest dimensions which will give another look of what Universe represents. Humans wear different glasses according to their state of consciousness. They build different realities, they see the World differently. It is no strange that experts can’t agree on a certain phenomenon. Even now, human re-evaluate some of the respected expert theories which in the past was considered as truth. As bigger the consciousness is, the bigger the truth will be. There will always be something newer, bigger, more knowledgeable. But, the secret of the Universe can’t be revealed to a human operating from an ego. It is dangerous to give such a power to such a narcissist.
To understand the Universe, you first must make a full connection to it. To everything that he is giving to you. Earth, air, water. To walk on this ground mindfully, breathe, smell, taste with all of your heart in this present moment. To discover the feeling of gratitude to all the abundance that Universe is giving you. It is not enough to only have the knowledge of it. The knowledge represents nothing without your Soul. It is plain, it is disconnected from you, it is only words that you know. Nothing more. You want knowledge to stay with you, to be carried by you, to connect the dots. You must create knowledge not just by learning with simple repetition of 100 centuries old truth. The books that you are learning from are from the time where that knowledge was needed. Respectfully, they still serve their needs, but they are only here to serve you as a base, as a point from where you take the lead and they just inspire. You do not rely the truth on someone else truth. For example, Einstein truth was his truth represented in the World and accepted as truth. It still is. Now in your time, you can be your own Einstein. There must be something more. Let him inspire, by reading all the materials he left behind, but you don’t rely your truth on his truth. You create your truth according to your consciousness, according to your present existence. The Universe is changing, it is expanding all the time and you must keep track with him if you want to know him better. He will always stay what his origin is, energy. But that energy will change its form, the direction, the speed, the connection, as you as humans change. You are more than connected with the Universe, you are his children literally. You are born from it, you are all made from the energy of the Universe. And you get back to it. Ego wants to define and discover so he can take the control over it. The Universe can not be controlled, you will never see what is the basic truth behind it if those are your reasons. If ever human consciousness is high enough to accept the truth of the Universe than it will be revealed. But for now, it is beyond the level humans can handle. You are still learning to handle the World which is built mostly of material things. It is very early to discover something that is All.  But in the same time, there are individuals that because of their Spiritual work came close to the truth of the Universe. Their truth. I urge them to share their knowledge, to light the fire in the rest of the humans. Their inner wisdom is much-needed in this World.

To the rest of you, maybe this is the thought where you should start.

We are part of this universe; we are in this universe, but perhaps more important than both of those facts, is that the universe is in us.

Neil deGrasse Tyson



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