Big ego, low self-esteem.

Self-confidence – a feeling of trust in one’s abilities, qualities, and judgment.

That’s right, a feeling of trust towards yourself. Why anyone would have a low self-esteem when It seems so logical to trust yourself more than everyone else? Spiritually and logically you are the most self-confident Soul ever. If you’re egoless. But you are not and that is why many of humans are dealing with a problem of low self-confidence. The irony is even bigger with the given fact that people who love you the most, the people you were surrounded with, are probably the cause of the lack of your self-confidence.
You see in order to build your self-confidence as a human it all starts with you when you were a young child. The parenting style, the gestures, their own self-esteem system, their vocabulary, it all contribute towards your self-esteem since at that age what you are is what you are being told. You still don’t have an ability for critical thinking or judging so you are relying on the elders. But, the society is not perfect, your parents also, they are only doing what they know the best. And they have risen you the best they know. We will not judge that at this moment. We are just listing the facts which contributed being where you are now.
What it matters right now is your self-esteem in this moment, no matter the age you are. If it feels like you are not what you want to be, where you want to be, not enough to be there, not competent to do whatever you want to do, YOU my friend are wrong. This concept of yours (not enough, not competent) it’s not real. It is self-made under the influence of the society. And the society is setting you fake criteria of competence, at least the most of them. They are an illusion so you can try even harder. But, no matter how hard you try, you are not going to make it, if your heart is not included in your efforts. And when you will try to place your heart into it, it will tell you the direction where your Soul was always meant to be. Wherever her services are needed. Set your own criteria, set your own goals and values. Be your own idol and repair what the society construct of you. Big ego, low self-esteem type of human. The struggle in this concept is real. You are dealing with a HUGE ego, which at the same time is convincing you of you being the best of everything but in the same time, it makes you feel not enough. At a hundred time,  your ego is fake, it is stopping you to see your real attributes of your Soul in order to stay alive. It is conditioning you and playing you all your life so you don’t get the chance to remember that beneath all, there is a wonderful Soul patiently waiting to spread the pure Love towards the World. And she has a lot to offer. She is the most competent, knowledgeable, skillful entity ever. She can take you to places, where you always wanted to be. You just need to allow her.


5 thoughts on “Big ego, low self-esteem.

  1. So true! I love the line, “It seems so logical to trust yourself more than everyone else”. I never understand people that lack decision making skills and need to ask everyone in the room what they should order for dinner. It is almost painful for me to watch and a bit frustrating. I have always been the queen of open ended questions, especially with my students and children! ☺️

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