The perks and downfalls of having a Spiritual bliss.


Don’t get me wrong, I love it! I had to say that first before someone get mad at me for even trying to say that this side has any downfall at all. It is wonderful to develop an ability for obtaining a genuine relationship with your Higher Self, Spirit guide, any kind of Higher energy. You can have It everywhere since you are not speaking out loud and those are your own inner conversations. They are the most intimate feeling you’ll ever feel, like having your best friend all the time with you. Like being protected in a nutshell all the time. When you know someone has your back. It is the most comforting feeling with big hits of nourishment. You are full of gratitude, love, wisdom and those feelings are available for you all the time. But, (yes here comes the but part) you are a human after all. You are living in this world, not in a hallucination. You are part of this world and everything that comes with it. And no matter how much you try to stay focused and enlightened, this world will make everything to distract from it. And I believe, every ’lightworker’ out there will agree with me on this. Being connected with the Spiritual part of you means that you are always trying to balance the Earth life and Spiritual wisdom. And they are not match made in heaven. They are as opposite as they can be, purposefully I am sure. While the Spiritual part is filling you up with the most wonderful energy you’ll ever know, the World needs that same energy. But you on the other side also need part of that energy so you can stay connected with your Higher Self. And you must balance it all so everyone gets a perfect and much-needed part of that Universal flow that you own to the World. You don’t get to keep it for yourself since it is a circle of life, you own it and pass it towards the places where is needed so you once again can get more. Every day, you are using every resource that you’ve got to reach to as many possible entities and spread that light. On the same time, you must stay grounded. This Earth needs to feel your presence, your feet touching the ground and channeling that same energy from the head, trough the heart and then releasing from your body on the ground where it belongs on the end of the day. You don’t get to use this ground without giving something back. Always, you have to return to the World what he got for you and show your gratitude for enabling you with one more day to enjoy it. And there are days where your entire body feels drained. Feels separated and detached. And it feels like the biggest fall ever. Being connected with the Higher Self is like being on the top of a mountain, after a couple of days hiking to get there. And you get to see the most beautiful landscape ever, lakes, rivers, trees, you see everything. Being detached from it is like being on the lowest point of that mountain, with a mountain to reach in front of your face. Plus, once you got to be on the top of the mountain, nothing is fun down there. You are now aware how limiting is the view down there. And then once again you realize that everyone is climbing their own mountain, everyone finds its own reasons for climbing or coming down of it. You can’t judge them, you can’t talking them into reaching their top of the mountain if they don’t feel it. But, whatever makes people happy,  it’s fine. For me, it is the light working since it is indeed the best thing that ever happened to me. I have to be Spirit/Human in the mostly human world. And that’s fine by me. I have much more to learn.

I will be, wherever you need me to be, I will meet whoever you need me to meet, I will do whatever you need me to do. My dear Universe, my loving Higher Self I am once again expressing my gratitude towards everything you have done for me. Thank you.


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