Reckoning death, Technique No.4.

Many of you have lost someone while on Earth time, many of you are scared for your own life, for your family. It is understandable to want to have eternal time with your closest one. I want to assure you that you have that time.
Because life certainly does not end here. It is the fear that ego society placed into you that you die after death, but what they didn’t tell you is that only your body dies. Your Soul, what you really are beneath the all will continue her way until she returns home for a while and then back again wherever it wants to be, on Earth or in some other planes. Fear is everywhere you look around in this Earth time of yours and its time to get rid of it. It is the main cause why you aren’t doing the things you really love, it is the main thing why you worry so much. Living in fear is living a half-life. Living joyfully it is full-hearted living. You probably get scared somewhere where all the dying was happening without the human capability to explain why? Why young children, young people, why not take the natural order, why all that dying?
In order to get close to you the picture of your Earth time, I once again must compare Earth life with filming a movie, and you my friends as actors. Actors on Earth, filming a movie for 30, 50, 70 or even 90 years period of time. When the movie is done, you walk away, take a break for a while and then you’ll come back again acting in another movie by your choice. Who knows, maybe while in Spiritual world, while you are most loving and knowing Soul you’ll choose to act a young child, losing his life in a car accident when you are 10 years old. And your parents will keep acting in that movie, finding the purpose of life after losing a child. Maybe you’ll choose to act famous singer. Maybe you’ll choose to act person who has terminal cancer. Maybe you choose to be a princess and living in a fairytale.Whatever role you choose, you will be blissfully greeted among your Soul family and most of them will join you in your movie. But, after every movie, you get back home in the Spiritual world, your eternal home and you will make a revision of your movie and revision of your lessons which has their goal to make you grow as a Soul. You never die, your family will be forever with you. Here, in Spiritual world, in some other dimension. They are safe, they are with you, they are released. But, when you add the concept of time it seems forever for humans on Earth to be rejoined with their family or friends who went to the Spiritual world earlier.

You are constantly trying to determine life expectancy based on the human factors (smoking, eating, drinking, other risk factors) and never once asked or tried to determine what your Soul wanted or wants. What SHE needs to keep living, what she needs to keep pushing this machine called a body of yours. What deal she has made, what purpose she has, what happiness means for her, where her home is. Asking this questions will help you determine and increase life expectancy, not what your ego wants. Never, ever try to deny her wish or underestimate her.

Ego wants what Soul has, eternity, and he will do anything to confuse you.
The fact that you choose this life, these circumstances in order to grow, the fact that no matter how disbelieving for you is that you chose your own way of dying doesn’t make that to be less truth. You can let your ego keep scaring you with all that “ When will I die’’ or ‘’How will I die’’ when he is concern only about his dying. You are never going to die, never. Your ego will, but don’t let him scare you or convince you that YOU are dying, when only he is. Or you can try to eliminate the concept of time in your reality, it will make things easier. It doesn’t matter what time it is, how old are you, it is always time to do the things that you love and that makes you happy. Yes, the average life it’s 75 and maybe less or more, but that is nothing in compare with eternity. I urge you to keep living your life totally in the hands of the Universe because it got your back. Keep living and make this movie the best one in your life, keep playing for an Oscar, keep playing until your done and then back on the scene again.


Something your Soul wants to say?

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