Anxiety, depression? Life sketch Technique no.3.

I know that many people on Earth are suffering from anxiety or depression or the combination of both. I would like to tell you little more about it. And I want to notice that I am not denying the use of conservative psychology in any way, but I do suggest this approach as equally helpful.
Any condition of the human mind is also a society condition. There is nothing personal for you there, it is not what you are. It is not something you need to blame yourself for. Every medical or psychological condition in a large or small part if in not the whole of it, is a social construct. But, when you do have a construct you also do have the stereotypes around that construct.

Nevertheless, let us go back to the condition of anxiety and depression as most present conditions among people. Anxiety is fear itself. Depression is surrendering to that fear. Behind the two of them is only broken, damaged ego. Ego, who somehow manage to keep his dominant existence through those conditions. When you suffer from anxiety, fear is always present. That means ego is alive, in his blooming days. When you suffer from depression, you feel incapable of resolving that fear,  and your ego is centering you as a victim, so it is again a win-win combination for the ego.
The technique which I recommend for both of this conditions is to first get rid of your personification with the ego. You are not ego. YOU are not equal with your ego. You are more than this body that you wear on you, you are more than your house, your job. You are more than everything that is the cause of your condition.

When you build your life, according to only your personalized dream, you are building a safe world for you. Because this one, that makes you feel constantly anxious or depressed is obviously not your life. No one constructs an unsatisfying life for himself. But, one definitely can confuse other dreams as their owns. And you somehow, end up trying to live some life that is not aligned with your Soul. Don’t blame yourself for that. It can happen to everyone.

Erase every criterium that society has set for you because you are not a child of the society, you are a child of a Soul. Therefore, there are no criteria for perfect since every Soul is perfect. When you will stop identifying with your ego you will stop identifying with the society. You will stop chasing the dream that society sets for you. You will start exploring your own dream. Your own creation. Now, feel free to build your own world, the safest one for you. Let’s call it a life sketch. Take a piece of paper and draw your life sketch first and start from there. Don’t do anything else, don’t even go out of your house. But please start daydreaming. Now, start to imagine your life sketch becoming alive, like when you are building a house, brick by brick, but instead, you are building your life from start now. Eventually, you will like to move forward to actually build that wonderful life sketch In the outer world. This time, you can be sure there is no fear around since you create this life, not the ego, not the society. And where is no fear there is nothing to surrender too, except to the flow of the Universe. He gets you here, he will get you wherever you need to be. Follow the signs and keep building your life and rebuilding it if needs to. Just don’t stop, never stop. That’s all you need to do.




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