Reveal your Soul, Technique no. 1.

You speak, you gesticulate, you write. You use everything In your power to express what you feel, what you think. But, even with so many tools for expressing yourself, unfortunately, you are more likely to express your thoughts and feelings inadequately.
It is not the words themselves, or the writings, or the art that you are creating which are no good. You are a Masterpiece. It is the ego who doesn’t allow your true solely feelings and thoughts to be reflected in your creations. He (the ego) is once again trying to interfere in your attempt to express yourself accurately. It is interfering in your job, in your marriage, in your relationships. It is him who doesn’t allow you to move forward. And it is You who are stuck at the moment.
Now, I will reveal a technique which can help you to align with your Soul even more.
This is what I suggest you do in your own time to see if you are creating your reality by your Soul or your ego. Because really, it can be tricky. It can happen to Soul pros to get caught up in the moment and the ego gets snuck in.
Close your eyes and for a couple of minutes try to quite your mind. Don’t think of anything else. The world doesn’t matter at this point. You matter.
Now, open your eyes and still without any thoughts, get the image closer of whatever you feels there is need to be further examined, for example ( your book, your job, your art project, your relationship, your life). Try to feel it all the way the answer to the questions above ( is this book written by my Soul, am I working my current job from my Soul, am I in this relationship because of my Soul, am I living every aspect of my life from my Soul).
Now, make your own questions, totally unique and important for your own life and try to feel the answers, without actually answering them with words. Because once you will learn that silence is the best expression tool for your Soul. You can hear the deepest answers from your Soul in silence. No mind thinking, no verbal word, no written words, no words at all.
Back to the technique. You will have the opportunity to feel your answer, there will be a certain energy or right or wrong that will guide your thoughts through possible decisions and future outcomes. It is totally only the flow of your Soul energy which will direct your thoughts, not the other way around. Practicing this technique will help you make a difference between ego thoughts and Soul thoughts. You, of course, must let this energy flow in your body. You must be totally open for it. You must trust yourself and your Creator, the Universe. Believe me, it always has your back, no matter what. With baby steps, towards the ultimate truth about You.



Something your Soul wants to say?

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