Different You, different Reality.

Previously I have told you about dreams and that when you are asleep, a part of your Soul is gone exploring different realities where you also exist. Then, your Soul comes back, you wake up and if you can remember you call it a weird dream. Furthermore, living in different realities is indeed happening, but what you don’t have is the capability of discovering this (when you are awake) because of your limiting nature. There is another thing that your limiting nature doesn’t allow you to discover. That is your ability to create different kinds of realities in this life. You see, the reality that you are currently living is nothing else than your creation. Your job, your health, your relationships. The difference is that probably you weren’t aware of it since most of the humans are not present in the moment. But, everything that you do now is connected to everything else and it is representing a perfect circle of life. Yes, your life indeed has a previously constructed blueprint when you was pure Soul in Spiritual world, but that blueprint is changeable if your Soul changes her mind and want different lessons in this life. I have to notice you, the blueprint of your life is changeable only if you are awake and you are living your Soul life. Ego can’t make that change. So, in order to create that reality, you always wanted, as I said you need to awake again. You need to expand your consciousness with plenty of inner talks time. With plenty of YOU time. As soon as you start to distinguish your ego wishes and your Soul wishes, you’ll start gaining the necessary power for constructing your own reality. Because, the fact is, most of the people live the reality their ego construct it. They don’t like it because their Soul doesn’t enjoy in it. But, unfortunately, they don’t know how to change it. They blame it the outside factors, they think of themselves as victims. But they are only victims of themselves.

It requires a big amount of self-awareness to be able to change your own reality. It requires many changes. Changes in perceptions and attitudes towards certain things. A ton of healing.
But, I will also tell you that besides everything else, it requires a lot of Love. Love towards yourself, Love towards everything that is the creation of the Universe. Your thoughts will be the most powerful when they are aligned with your Soul. That is the part that maybe you were missing because it is not enough to just wish for things, to pray for them, to think of them. Your commitment maybe helps, but it wouldn’t work if its only for the ego purposes. You see, your Spiritual blueprint + your ego and your limited nature are perfect combos for you to learn the lessons Earth way while your Soul is forgotten. And it is a very smart plan. But, as in any game, there is a twist. You can re-remember your Soul and change the game. That’s it. That’s all it takes to win. Your reality is changeable. Anyone reality is changeable. And fear is what stopping you from that construction. What Love is for the Soul, fear is for the Ego.

You don’t have anything to fear of. When you were little, as most of the children you were probably scared of monsters, witches, whatever your biggest fear was. Then you grow up and you realized your biggest childhood fear was based on fiction.

How grown up you need to be to realize that most of the fears that you now have are also just fictions?  They didn’t happen and they probably won’t happen ever. So stop giving them attention and forget about them. Free yourself for the first time in your life. There is no one to judge you, there is no one to stop you. You are your own hero.  Invite the Love to free your Soul and start the Journey of your creation. There is a second chance. There are as many chances as you like. Not everyone from your current reality will follow you on this Journey and that is fine. Don’t take that personally at any point or use that as an excuse to stop, just keep going no matter what. What waits for you, in the end, is your real You. That is what you are looking for. And your real You is already living your perfect reality. You just need to meet him. Enjoy the ride!


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