Soulmates and Twin flames.

I know every one of you have heard about Soulmates, which is very often use in a relationship context as a partner or spouse. Soulmates can be everyone, even your parent, sibling or friend. Soulmate can be your ex partner, even if you are not together. Because Soulmates are your Spirit family. You share very significant experiences together during your period both on Earth and Spiritual plane. You and your Soulmates (yes, you can have more than one) are represented as one big family in the Spiritual world, where you evaluate your previous lives and plan your next one. You guide and help each other in your process of growing as a Souls. But, when you are on Earth, your Soulmates are usually in the form of your family, close friends, partners. Maybe your spouse is from your Spirit Soul family. And you can have great life together.


Your paths on Earth are crossing due to a reason of again, helping each other to learn some of the lessons you previously planned no matter good or bad. But, if you have experienced Soul life you have probably meet your Twin flame. It is indeed your other half. Twin flames can only show as in a relationship expression. They are not family members as Soulmates can be. They are what humans experience as the greatest Love on planet. But, what is greatest in this love is not the most romantic outcome of a relationship can be. Actually, it is pretty tough one, especially in the beginning.  They are reuniting in the lives they choose so they can see how far they have expand and try to recognize themselves. Usually, ego interferes and their relationship ends up in the very beginning. They can’t recognize each other, they are very passionate and very explosive towards in the same time. If you have an empathetic nature, there is a bigger chance for you to recognize your Twin flame and ‘save’ the relationship.  If the relationship survive in the first months, your Soul memories will easy the flow of the relationship further. It will become more enjoyable since the ego will lose his significance and both Twin flames will lean towards the Love what they remembered from their Spiritual Home. Those one who found their Twin flame and won each other during their ego battle pushing them back and forward from Love, will recognize my words because being in this kind of relationship is like being in a mother womb again. The most secure, warm, comforting and loving place. Your partner Twin flame is your lover, your parent, your child and your friend in the same time. Twin flames are Love itself. It is the most beautiful, overwhelming feeling, closest one can feel to Home due his presence on Earth.


hqdefault (1)


If you already found your Twin flame keep enjoying the Love and all the blissful moments. But, if you haven’t, i suggest opening your Soul even more, so it can attract that Love energy towards you. Make the ego less powerful, because Twin flames are not attracted by ego. They are scared from it. But if they notice the pureness of the Soul in your eyes, it will drawn them like a magnetic field. Only Soul can attract the most beautiful and loving outcomes.

Just be Soul. That is all you need to do to find your significant other, your Twin flame.


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