Do you Own yourself?

Have you noticed that sometimes is very hard to carry your own human ‘baggage’? And on top of that, to worry about the future and to stress out towards certain goals and achievements. Earth life can really be overwhelming sometimes. But, eventually, you’ll get there. The Big question is when you will get there, are you going to own yourself?
And to own yourself represents freedom and liberation. It is a symbol of pure living.

Understandably, your first thought is: of course I own myself, I am an adult person who works, I am taking care of myself, I pay bills.

But, owning yourself Is following your Soul wish and living your Soul life, because everything which is opposite of it, it represents slavery. It has nothing to do with any physical matter, because that represents only taking care of the body, of your physical presence. That is not owning. Your Soul is aiming for uniqueness as she knows she was meant to have on this Earth, she is aiming for creativity, for self-recognition. Don’t settle just to settle. Own yourself as much different as you are, as many bad labels the society gives you, own yourself. Your Soul will inevitably bless you with gratitude and love if you acknowledge her with all her differences. Don’t try to cover what you think are her imperfections, to make them invisible to the outer world. Show them to the world and liberate yourself. Your Soul has a unique blueprint on this Earth life and she can’t be stopped. Denying your Soul blueprint for her Earth plan is denying yourself. If your blueprint for this life is to be gay, be gay. Don’t try to change that fact. If your blueprint is to be what the world consider different color, different race, own it proudly.  There is no right or wrong. No matter, in which way your uniqueness is reflected, wear it with pride. There is nothing more grateful for the Soul, then her true expression. It is the only way that matters for her. It is the only way you can make a difference in this World. If you trying to change or to ‘correct’ that blueprint you will automatically become a slave. Slave to everyone for whom you made that change. And slaves are appreciated only when they follow their Master wish. You can choose to live your life as a slave and never give a chance to your Soul life. That will also change your original life dream to alternative dream, dream for settling. Depending who is your master, you will be told what to eat, what to drink, what to wear, how to behave. Eventually, you will become a master of other slaves.


Or you can choose to be your own Master. To build your own reality, your own kingdom. Where no slaves are needed. Where everyone is recognized by their uniqueness and originality. To build a new world, full of appreciation for everyone. A World full of brave, true Souls where differences are blessings since at the end, this is only an experience and we all go as One.


5 thoughts on “Do you Own yourself?

  1. We have been taught to be slave! It is time for us to open our minds and hearts to see we are all the same but unique in the same time. Each difference is part of this world beauty. Great post! Thank you for sharing it!

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