Dreaming or living?

Do you ever wonder what is one of the few things that all of the humans share? Dreams.
No matter where you come from, how old are you, what nationality are you, what language you speak, you all dream. I know many of you was trying to explain the process of dreaming as a part of the personality and cognition and you were pretty close I assure you. I especially like the definitions “The dream is the reflection of the waves of the unconscious life on the floor of the imagination’’ or ‘’A dream is a succession of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations that usually occur involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep’.
Now, let see how dreams look like from different perspective than what you are told until now. It is a definitely unconscious act, but not at all involuntary or a product of imagination. As opposite, it is the most voluntary act your Soul can pursue. Humans live their lives in the third dimension, their brain works on that vibration. Your Soul works on every dimension. In order to stay connected to the Spiritual world, she needed a gap, she needed a gate from which at one point can escape and wander around in the fourth dimension or any other realities she chooses. While you are sleeping, a small part of your Soul stays with you in case you wake up, but the rest of your Soul is using the time of your sleep wandering through other dimensions, other realities. You think you are dreaming, but what you call a dream, it is your reality in some other dimension. Let’s say, you dream your life exactly as it is, but with some minor changes. For example, you have the same partner, different job, different city. It is not just a dream. It is the reality, exactly as your current life is, but you are not aware of it. But your Soul is aware, and she just visits this place while you were sleeping. Why not embrace all of those dreams/realities and observe a little. I guarantee you it will help you gather as many experiences as you can. And there can be, many, many realities. Some of them very similar to your life, some of them very different. That’s how many times your Soul splits on so many occasions. And while she is free to wander in other dimensions while you sleep, she Is able to come back to you in the same amount of energy you are needed when you are awake. Your Soul is a Masterpiece. That’s what she is.


Let’s give another example. You are dreaming a dream where someone kills you. It is a real nightmare, so you wake up. You see around, you are noticing you are here on Earth alive. But, in some other dimension, someone did kill you. Your Soul gave you the opportunity to witness it, experience it and acknowledge that even you died in your dream, you are still alive here. You see, when you will eventually die in this life, other parts of your Soul in other realities will still be alive, and your existence is not conditioned by anything.

You, in some of the other realities, may dream your Earth death in the same way you witnessed your death in your current dream.Your Soul is what connects You with all of the others You in others dimensions and realities. Your dream state is living proof that when You die in one life, it is just a dream for another You in another life. It is a never-ending process.
You are eternal. You are Alive. You are just replacing one reality with another. You are here and there, up and down.  You are everywhere. I am certain you have noticed, how liberated you feel in your dreams. That is because you don’t have ego there. If you are free to wander in your dream state, why not try to wander around in your awaken state? You certainly can’t switch dimensions while awake, but you can try to liberate yourself from your ego first. Wander around this beautiful world and open yourself to every possible opportunity. At that point, Miracles are happening.


4 thoughts on “Dreaming or living?

      1. I, as a human, also have doubts sometimes. But, during my research those couple of years and all the ‘talks’ that i have had with Higher Self ( which i assure anyone can have) i no longer doubt. However, it is good to wonder, to explore and to let your Soul decide what is her truth, it is a Journey after all 🙂

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