The birth of a Soul.

You have to hear that tiny voice that is speaking from inside. It has spoken to you many times during your lifetime. But now, it is ready to come out and join you on this Journey. And you must do everything in your power to make him feel like Home.

You see, humans are well-introduced with the fact how babies are being made, but in case anyone asks himself from where their Souls are coming from, you are in the right place.
You are indeed born on this Earth plane, but when you die your Soul is going back again in the Spiritual world where she can have as much time as she needs to rewind her past life and see what are the other lessons she wants to learn so she can contribute her expanding. When she will set her pre-birth plan and arrange everything in the Spiritual world, additionally she will wait for the perfect Earth circumstances for her birth. That means that with the pre-birth plan she already knows who are going to be her parents and occasionally she can visit them In a Spirit form or animal form whenever she pleases until her time is set to arrive on Earth.
When the time is here, when the conditions are right on Earth this Soul will enter in mother’s womb and stays there for the next Earth 9 months. Those months for the Soul are like a second. While in mothers womb this Soul can still communicate with the Spiritual world even do now she is in a human body which is slowly taking its shape.


The big moment for the Soul is the moment of birth. I understand that mothers experienced physical pain during this process, but you must know that your baby child Soul Is experiencing something even more painful and that is splitting from the other Souls. Separating from her eternal Home, separating from All there is, separating from others. It is a very painful transformation for the Soul. As an opposite of the painful process of getting born, the process of dying is something that comes very easy for the Soul, very liberating. Imaging being captive for so many years and then released to go home. It is careless, free and joyful.
But, getting from a place full of wisdom and Love to a place where you know nothing, it’s scary. That is why your Human babies cry so much when they are born. Of course, they are upset, since now they are fragile Souls with limited bodies all over them. Who wouldn’t be? It is a process of adaptation for them and you must be more respectful towards them.  Now it is the time to show them that it’s not so bad here and let them sooner re-remember  who they are. Enlighten them with knowledge, inspire them to explore their inner truth. Be their Home, their eternal unconditional Loving place. Don’t be just their parent, a parent can be anyone. Try and be its real Guardian who carries his own child through this Earth plane. Everyone need a Guardian in Human and Spiritual form and I can tell you for sure that your Spiritual guides are always with you loving you unconditionally.  So, I urge to all parents out there to  become more Guardians and less parents. Parents were meant to be Spiritual guides in human forms, but when the ego took the dominance of the humans, parents become only parents.

Now it is the time to bring back the real meaning of parenting. And that is Guiding with unlimited, unconditional love and support. Where your child soul is your own soul. Where you can see the Oneness, while in the same time you Guide your child to discover itself and release its Soul. So it can be whole again.


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