Thoughts, soldiers of the ego.

As humans developed through the years their thoughts started to become more than just a reason for their gestures, they started becoming the dominant force in their life for every decision that was in front of them. As I once told you, feelings/ intuition are the tools of the Soul and thoughts are the tool of the ego. When he took the dominance of the human life, thoughts took the dominance over your life decisions. Every human decision is now measured from a thought perspective. It is measured with all the pros and cons, what that will cost you and in what way it will benefit you. Your Soul is not concerned by that. She is not making her decisions if she only has something to gain from it, she is placing her decisions upon all the love towards the others no matter what. But, your ego is sending your thoughts as soldiers to a battle to conquer your mind and rule with your life. To make every decision harder than it is, to make every relationship that you have more complicated than she is. There is nothing complicated to love another person. There is nothing complicated to care for someone. To admire someone. To be supportive of someone. Oh, but when your ego will make you start thinking and use his jealousy and frustrations and anger and why not me questions, then it begins. It is the beginning of you transferring from all-knowing, loving entity as you are to being judgy, grumpy and jealous human being. I am sorry if i am little tough now, but you humans are acting like that and that is a fact. Now, I am advising you to make more decisions from your Soul, but your society told you that thinking from your Soul can cost you being manipulated and being hurt. The same society that is consisted of many, many egos ruling people has told you that and you believed in it, just to make you same as them. As many egos, as many thoughts, as much higher degree of ego dominance. Or you can trust me and start acting from your Soul. I can assure you nothing bad will happen. You will not get manipulated since being in that position will eliminate all the manipulative people from your life. Acting from Soul state will bring you exactly the same people, as you are. You will attract people with same feelings as you have. Feelings of love, feelings of joy.


Observe yourself and see what is your dominant thought. Often, the most dominant thought that you have is your ego biggest fear. Face that thought, face that fear. Do that with every thought that comes from your ego, until you eliminate most of your fears. That is how your mind will get quieter with every day. Consequently, that will release space for your Soul ‘thoughts’ to keep showing to you. You will get a clearer vision of yourself, of your life. You will start to see clearly and I guarantee you, that your decision-making will be more effective for your life purposes.


Remember: Those are not your thoughts, they have never been. You are a loving entity and loving entities don’t know anything about jealousy or hate. Those are all ego thoughts who take temporary ownership of your life.

Now, bring it back. Be in charge, you eternal Soul.




Something your Soul wants to say?

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