Dust everywhere.

That dust, which always inevitably give tears to your eyes.
You learn it, you get used to the tears imperceptibly erased.
Slowly and unconsciously, you think she’s everywhere.
You wake up and live in dusty mornings.
But you have to.
Each particle is its planted in you forever.
I did not want to be your dust.
There was no logic for your kiss to be so strong and sad.
Is so promising, but in vain.
And we had to move.
We went to a huge meadow, purple.
When I opened the windows, there was a smell of lavender.
It filled our hearts.
Flawless and perfect.
It was overflowing with it.
My eyes became full of shine.
I fall asleep and wake up with the same flawless perfect scent.
I turned you to my lavender.


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