Addiction, an attempt of the ego to avoid Wholeness.

Along the way of your growth and you becoming an adult, there are many frustrations and disbelieves feeding your ego. They are topping one after another during the years. In order to defense itself, ego denies everything that has to do with the self-improvement. Here is the biggest trap. Here, where you are torn between your Soul and your punishing ego, to easy your Soul sorrow you are starting to use some kind of substance that will help you live your ego life, that will encourage you that you are doing everything you can and it is not your fault. It doesn’t matter what kind of addiction is, they have the same roots and that is you being too afraid to confront yourself. I am really sorry, but that is a fact. And of course, it is sorrow what you feel and that you can’t stand. But, that is not the sorrow of you being poor, you being left by the love of your love or you being generally unsuccessful. That are only excuses made from the ego to distract you from the real causes. But, that is the sorrow from you, from your unloved Soul. It is begging you for attention so she can extract you for the horror that you are putting yourself into. And your Higher Self’s will try to awake you through many occasions along with your struggling, for some of you successfully, for some of you not.


You are never alone, even in those situations, your Higher Self’s are always with you, trying to guide you and show you the way of this life on the Earth which can serve you very well. Many of you, which are recovering from some kind of addiction are known with this feeling. A feeling where you first must confront yourself. No amount of money, no amount of anyone love can save you from addiction if you are not ready to look in the mirror and see your own Soul. Then, when you will be able to look at her, she will intentionally face with your fears. At that moment, when you face your own fears, you will be a free man. You will give your ego the toughest and last strike so you become you again. You will be released from your own patterns of behavior, of your own self-accusation, of your own thoughts of worthlessness. Instead, your Soul will replace them with nourishing thoughts and feelings full of self-love.
I want you to know that, in most cases of addiction, your inner child is very wound and neglected. And I know how painful it is to know that and to not be able to save it from those painful feelings. With no Soul mechanism to cope, to heal the pain and being left only with the narcissistic ego, it is no strange that humans are relying on something that can change their everyday reality.

But, there is another way, believe me. You can change your reality without anything from the outside your Soul. Only you are needed, only your loving thoughts, only your inner peace. You will maybe be challenged along the way but once you’ll find it, I promise you, you will see the world in different colors, colors that your Soul is using to construct your own reality.


Something your Soul wants to say?

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