Never, ever forget your Inner child.

Your inner child is the most valuable part of you, the purest one. It is literary the child you once were. And it will forever live inside of you. But that child was hurt and there is a lot of pain in it. Every child is hurt due to the sudden transfer from unconditional loving Home as a Spiritual world is towards Earth temporary home. Every child needs love and affection of the maximum amount, that never stops. Once you are grown up, you often forget to love him, since the society is addressing you certain behaviors and none of them respects ‘acting childish’. I want you to think for a moment and remember the activities you were once enjoying when you were a child. Now, tell me you don’t want to occasionally enjoy  them now when you are an adult. I know you would love to! And you know what, there is nothing wrong with it. Enjoy them, ride a bike, dance, play a sport that you once loved, even play with dolls or any other toys if you want to! (you would maybe want to do the last one privately). However, let your inner child play in your free time.



And now, once you are all grown up, show him how it is to be unconditionally loved if your family failed in doing that. Show him that it was right when he wasn’t scared of anything and wanted to try everything. Because, grown ups and society are those who are wrong, not your inner children. They are the perfect reflexion of the Soul and the reality itself. What adults and society classified as reality is an illusion. Bring back that child back and take the best care of it. It is the reason you are still dreaming and hoping. The only difference is that back then your inner child was dependent and had no power. But now, you can give him power, you can make every dream of his come true. You are your own Master, you now have all the independence and you holds so much power. Combine your experience and your knowledge with the free spirit of your inner child. Don’t suffocate him, when you know it inside. I have noticed, most of you love to play games with your children. Because that is the only way society approves it. Instead of hiding behind the masks that you are spending time together or doing your children a favor, be honest, be open, say it out loud, there is nothing wrong to keep that inner child alive. Be his parent, be his best friend, be his everything since he was within you on every occasion, even when was forgotten. Accept it, you are his everything. Show appreciation to everything that child has given up on you towards the years. You are his idol, you are his guiding adult and you can’t live without another. Treat him with love, respect and go present him the world as loving and secure, since you are his world. Show him the world in divine purple colors. What you feel, he feels. Feel Love, feel joy. Dance. Play. Laugh.


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