Fear, the anesthetic of the Soul.

The feeling of fear is nothing more than a threat which your ego is using to command you. Here, I will not talk about threatening life situations, since that’s is whole another topic where the situation itself is already a consequence of long fearful state of mind. Today, I will tell you what comes prior fear, what is included in making of it and remaining in this state. I once told you, ego wants to have the whole control of your mind and feelings and big proportion of time he has it. But the rest of the time, when your Soul is using those little gaps where ego is fallen asleep are those moments when you feel where you can try it all and be it all. Those are the moments when you feel deep inside in yourself that you can be successful, that you can find the love of your life, that you can live one happy life.

And then, when the actions towards those things that you already imagined are needed, the ego is aware and he must make his defense even stronger, so he is using fear to scare you and get you back in your previous position, of a constant state of life, of constant struggling inside of you. So, instead of taking a step forward, you once again are taking step back. Humans love constancy, love security. They think, changing the situation always means chance for something bad to happen, so it is better to stay in the secure zone. That is all illusion made of the ego to stop  you from escaping  him. Because if you are constantly changing your inner self, if you are going forwards, you will inevitably grow. And that Is where, your ego will getting smaller and smaller. He is afraid of your growth, so he is doing everything to stop that, using fear. What if I tell you that, whenever you want to start a new career, new romantic relationship, move to a better place there is always bigger chance for you to succeed than to fail? Because, if those opportunities come along your way, if you feel from the deepest point of your self that they are necessary for you to be happier, do it. Do it right now. If the signs are there, it means that the Universe already worked on those conditions and if he is making it obvious for you to see them, now it is your time to take action. Don’t settle just to calm down your ego, to comfort him, to please him. It will maybe feel like a good decision for the moment, a couple of days, but the Soul will use another gap where she will remind you  something better is waiting for you. The best cure for fear is Love. Love towards yourself, love towards the world. There is nothing wrong to be different, there is nothing wrong to want to be happier. If that means getting out of your comfort zone, just get out. There are wonderful things out there, but if you live in a constant fear of loosing your comfort (financial or emotional), fear of being judged, fear of the world, than what is the purpose of your life?

You seems to often forget that you are perfect, that you are the best version of yourself in this moment. Don’t let ego or anyone else convince you otherwise. Let your Soul guide you and don’t settle for the average. You are not made of the average, you are made of one genius Creator, one outstanding energy. Look around, the nature, the evolution, your own physiology processes. Those are genius creations and so are you. Act like one. I dare you.

So, what are your fears?


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