Relationships, the moving sea between the shores of your Souls.

Relationships. The union of Souls in Spiritual world. Reunion of ego’s in human forms. Why is so hard to maintain a healthy relationship? I would keep it simple here, because Love is simple.




As you know with being aware and being present you are placing your ego in a dark, quiet dungeon. You are living a happy, simple life, with at least drama as possible. You are in peaceful and mindful state. But because you are human and because there is outdoor stimulus’ and you are in the beginnings of your Soul life, your ego can easily take an ownership of the moment and cause the needed drama. What happens then is the most of the humans are transferring their drama in their relationships. Your fights with your partners usually aren’t connected with anything from the given situation, but only with your ego seeking attention. You maybe have noticed that this is happening from time to time and that is happening randomly without warning no matter the circumstances. There is a strive for the ego to keep pushing and pushing for more love and affection, to be more acknowledged by its partner. He doesn’t really care about your feelings, he only cares about his needs. And on the others side it is possible to have some memories or insights of possibility for a relationship to maintain without any fights at all, you are right. You do remember well your life in Spiritual world. But, on Earth it is harder to have that kind of relationship. I am not saying it isn’t possible, but I do say you have to Master it, like everything else. And the accusations of other people for non-collaboration with you in order to grow your relationship, will not help. Then again can’t accuse anyone of non-collaborating with you in your wish of improving your relationships. You have your own way and others have they own way. So, if you like to improve your relationship with your partner or anyone else on that matter, then you should start think and feel exactly like when you were Spirit. But you can’t right? Because you are human now. And your ego is doing everything to stop you. So, next time, when a storm is coming towards you do your best to stay Soul. Act as a Soul. Feel as Soul. Believe me, the storm will pass by you. And you can be a tornado catcher, you can be anything that you ever wanted to be. If you just act and feel as Soul.


Something your Soul wants to say?

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