Guilty as charged, for not being true to yourself.

Guilt is en emotion which is very close-fitting with shame which I describe to you earlier. They are like twin sisters that usually act together. Then, where the shame ends, guilt begins. Why one feeling guilty you may ask? Because of its insecurity, because of it’s unawareness, but most importantly because of non presence in the moment. Humans, usually run towards something all of their life, to the next achievement, to the next goal. While running occurs, presence is lost. Everything you are doing in the present moment is lost if what you are thinking is the future. Guilt can have its biggest force when one is in its mature age. Usually, It takes a whole life for humans to gain more awareness and re-remember that living in the present moment brings such a joy and peace that they were looking for it all their life.


Guilt is something that once again is happening because of the ego. Blame it on him for the first world problems, you wouldn’t be wrong. But this evidently small message from feeling guilty can be spread towards whole humanity for the reason that every person has felt guilty for something in any point in it’s life, because it’s ego has convinced him that he did something wrong or he should have done it different. That is a lie. No one can be wrong while still learning and there can’t be wrong since there is no right. There is no one on this Earth who have the privilege to say what is wrong and what is right. Yes, it is wrong to kill someone, that is a fact. But, if the victim and the murderer agree on that in the pre-birth plan, is it really wrong? Or, humans are defining it as wrong because they can’t see beyond their limited consciousness. It is the fact the humans forget their past life where once murderer was a victim, once rich was poor, once ill was healthy. It is the karmic cycle of natural flow and you can’t deny that. Indeed, there is no doubt that the murdering as an act is bad, but never forget that once that act was made on mutual agreement and the fact that you can’t remember it now, doesn’t mean the agreement is broken. Consequently, their Souls will expand t from  their lesson of violence and  guilt once they are  learned. The Soul is very forgiving and once she is in the Spiritual world she forgives any other Soul who harmed her while on Earth, because every Soul is a lovely Soul, no matter the role she had on Earth. But, you can’t compare this kind of guilt where violent act is made, with a guilt felt on a regular base due to some inner conflict.  It is only in this human form people are capable of feeling guilty because they are suffocated from their ego’s where most of the actions that are later pursued with guilt are done because of some kind of frustration happening inside, with a big probability occurred due to not following its true self. It is all connected where one leads to another. Not being true to yourself is followed by frustrations and conflict which leads to acts of aggression which leads to shame which leads to guilt. Once you are in that circle it is very hard to realize the real reasons for feeling guilt. But, the reason is always in the beginning of the chain. For not following your true desire. For not being yourself in your true essence. For not doing what you love. You will see there would be many obstacles which human mind can not understand or explain and they all will be used against your inner voice, but once you overpower them, the real revelation will be available to you. Call it a movie, call it a game, whatever you name it, it is still your life and no one but you have the power to direct it. Don’t feel guilty for being caterpillar, since one you will become butterfly.


Something your Soul wants to say?

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