Money, one delusional medium.

Money are nothing more than materialized value of material things on Earth. There is nothing special for them to be particular explained. What is more important for explaining are human thoughts and feelings towards them. The main problem is their learned behavior or social constructed feelings towards the issue of money from the beginning of their Earth Journey. There are way many attention on the money matter which is in the end, suffocating the enjoyment of it. Since a person is born he is taught that success is measured by someones earnings and that the end of the day what you earned is what you are worth of. Consequently, with this form of attention, even the small children develop this ego desire, to have a lot of money one day aka to be successful. The birth of the ego is uniformed with the birth of the desire of success which again means desire of money.



To be clear, money are not something that you should be resentful or feel bitter about it, if you distinguish the purposes for it. They should never represent your success and you shouldn’t allow your ego to take advantage of them. You also, shouldn’t be ashamed of having them since one way or another they are needed in your life.
Instead of money being a definition for success, I would recommend to consider them as something that comes with a human package, as an addition. You can be oriented towards earning them as long they don’t define you and you don’t identify your worthiness with them. It is the illusion created by the society that maximize their effect.

They as everything else are just energy. Value is something that you can’t touch therefore the existence of it is relative. They can’t exist without your perception  and without your placement in the reality. You can create that flow and invite it In your life, you can give it attention on it, you can construct the amount of it. You are the one who decides does money will even be an object in your reality.
In spite of everything, you are humans after all and you need money to exist on Earth and pursue your Soul purpose. That is why they are just a tool. They are additional tool of the human body that has only one purpose, getting sure that Soul has where to resides on this Earth plane. But, your true essence has nothing to do with them. Once the Soul is released the only abundance and wealth that she will know is only her inner peace.

And you must know that to be able to invite  money in your life you have to acknowledge them as something that doesn’t define your true essence in any way. They are not yours, they are not your Soul tools. She is not particularly interested in activities that involved any kind of ego desires. And money has only purpose, satisfying the need of the ego for affirmation. It maybe sounds ironical to acknowledge the money as unnecessary to have more of them. If you remember what we were talking about on the topic of having enough you’ll remember that everything that you need to feel is that you are enough and  that you already have enough of everything. That includes money object also.  You need to feel that you and your true essence are enough, with or without any human tools. It is the best way to attract the presence of everything if you already feel that you have everything.


The best things in this human life can never be materialized and that is not coincidental. The purpose of having such a construct as money was to get the most of the attention and focus of the humans so they can’t forget about the true purpose which is indeed what is happening on Earth. Therefore, after they totally forget what makes their Souls happy and joyful, they will work their way through finding the true meaning again. There are always lessons to be learned, the are always experienced to be gathered.  It is all one big play. And your Soul will get such an amazing review of her  Earth performance on money subject if she succeed in re-remembering what i am telling you. It is a little bit cheating, doesn’t it? Having a Higher Self insights while on Earth. That is because we love you and we really want for you to succeed in your purpose on Earth.  You must live freely and don’t take the money issue so seriously since desire of them is really your personal decision as well as the amount of them.  Don’t be feared of them, don’t let the illusion of them scare you. They are not holding the power, you are.


Something your Soul wants to say?

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