Why all the evil in world?

What you call evil has different meaning in Spiritual world. It means experiencing everything that is opposite of Love and Peace. So, to be able to fully experience Love and Peace, as well as Forgiveness, Souls must face the opposite of it and that is  what you call evil. I, as a Higher Self empathize with everyone on this Journey on Earth since i know how discomforting it can be. What you call evil is undeniable fact, but it is someone pre-birth mission. You have all been evil at some point in your Spiritual evolution. You have all been the bad gays and the victims, the tortures and tortured one. It is the karmic circle itself, but you mustn’t forget that everything comes from the Soul’s desire to experience certain matters and we shouldn’t be judgmental towards that. For every Soul that choose to be torturer and experience the role of it, there is a Sole who agreed to be victimized and experience that role. Therefore, by mutual agreement, pre-birth plan was made. It is the same with every other treats on Earth plane. Everything that you see, good or bad, has its own greater mission.  It is truly hard from human aspect to see another human suffering and explain the reasons for that. But, on a Soul level, it is helping the Soul grow and she is forever grateful for that. I promise you, from a Spirit view, your Soul is eternal. And considering Earth life, i assure you once you find your inner peace will definitely help you understand all that what you call evil on Earth.


Something your Soul wants to say?

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