The Four mechanisms of Soulfulness.

Today i want to have a word with you about mechanisms that can help you grow since I know you have practiced them without being aware of it. Everyone can apply them.
It concludes four different modules and those are: Accept, Forgive, Heal and Surrender.
Those mechanisms are perfect for broken ego, so you can release your Soul in the last step, while you are working on your ego with this mechanisms (negotiating). The last module will use as a point of extraction for your Soul.
First, accepting is a must outcome of every situation. If you already done everything you could and there is nothing you can change, accept it. There is nothing you can do to change the will of the Universe and you shouldn’t doing anything about it ( once you have tried everything). Just accept it.


Second, forgive yourself for thinking everyone else are doing better than you. Everyone who is already on their dream destination, dream job, dream house, etc. Forgive yourself being angry because you are not them. Forgive yourself that you are not allowing change to happen since you hold all those negative feelings of envy. Why would you like your life to be exactly as others when you don’t know how big or exciting or powerful things are waiting for you? You would trade yourself with someone only for a better house at this moment or you will wait a couple of years if you would know that 5 years from now you will have 10 houses? Your ego fights for small wins, for immediate security but your Soul knows that patience will bring all the well-being. It is fine to not know how the things will come out. Don’t let your ego scare you. Just forgive yourself and believe.

Once you Forgive, you will be able to Heal. To Heal from you. From all those negativity that your ego accumulate, jealousy, pathological ambitions, recognitions. Heal your Soul and let her prepare for awakening. Let her bread. Embrace her with all the beauty which now you know it is out there. It was so long kept from you, you were so long living in darkness. There is no others to envy, there is no others that can harm you. You are all One and whatever reality that you have lived in is your ego reality. He was keeping the remote and played whatever he chose too. Take the remote back, and play the most beautiful music for your Soul to heal. Be in charge for your reality and your life.
And last, Surrender. Once you are healed, once your Soul is there, sneaking like a new-born baby looking the world for the first time, you will realized there is nothing to do, except let it flow with the Universe. Be aware, be conscious, follow the signs and your life will unfold in very wonderful ways. It is out of the limits of your imaginations.

Surrendering to the Universe will take care of you, much better than ego was taking care, and now the Soul will be in alignment with her Essence, her Oneness, her home. She listen, she guides. Trust her and follow her. You will have all the Earth abundance that you want, once your Soul is in alignment with her Creator. It is the only way. Nothing is more powerful than this mechanisms.


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