Enough is when you say so.

Humans define enough as a concept of: adequate for the want or need; sufficient for the purpose or to satisfy desire, which is a pretty good definition. There is one key word here and that is Desire, to satisfy desire. Therefore, one could say that enough is when every desire is satisfied. That would go smoothly if we were talking about satisfying the desire of the Soul, which is one and in case you forgot, that desire is to re-remember itself and live accordingly to it. But, for ego desires to be satisfied it is almost impossible and probably en eternity will not be enough. So, If you keep in mind that you can never satisfied ego desires, why bother and go on with that when you can satisfied only one Soul desire and feel what enough means? One reason is because you are all here to experience desire, since you don’t get the chance to have all at once. The other one is because you need to learn what is enough for the Soul, not your ego. Your ego will constantly pushing you forward no matter what was the last reward you bring to him. He will keep convincing you that if only this task you fulfill  he will let you feel satisfied with yourself. I told before he is one great lair because every  next time there will be something else. If you can control him and use it only as a motivation, go for it. But, in every other case, you don’t have to listen to it anymore. It is never-ending story of sick ambitions and frustrations.  Let’s face it, there will be never enough money, glory and   approval for the desires of the ego.

And while you keep answering his desires, you are neglecting your Soul.


Now, I can give you another definition, the real one:  Enough is the feast of the Soul.
Let toss that around for a second and see what will happen if you replace your ego desires and look for what your Soul desires. First you will find out that she needs more peace to be able to reach for you. That is manageable, I believe. Than, she will slowly make you distinguish your ego voice from your Soul voice and accordingly you will start acknowledging her wisdom. Once she got your trust, she will proceed In a ways which will be known only for your experience and upon her decision. However, the final result of that Journey will be Unity and Oneness. The realization that you are One with everyone that your ego considers below you and way ahead of you, will make you realize that enough can not be seen or touched but only felt. Very often, when you have enough of looking for something, that desire come true. Well, imagine if every day you feel like you have enough of everything and that YOU are enough. Miracles? Not at all, only the natural flow of life. And that is the place you want to be, that is the life you want to live. What you feel, that you attract, since the Universe is literary your personal butler.
If you only for a second can sense that feeling of  being enough, of being equal with everyone in the world you will set your self on a higher vibration scale that you no longer need anything. You no longer have ego desire to satisfied, you don’t feel like missing anything to that degree that can influence your worthiness. Believe me, you already have everything you will ever need. You just need to feel that  deep inside and the Universe will take care of everything else. If you can’t suddenly feel like you have enough, maybe it will be easier for you to act first. Act as you already have everything. Than start developing feelings of it. Material things comes in your life as consequences  of feelings, not the other way around.

You are already enough and everything that will come in your life will be just addition to your enoughness.  How can you not be, when  your Soul is connected to the abundance of the Universe? Acknowledge that and act accordingly. Live freely and fully. Don’t compare since you and everyone else  are on your own priceless and unique Journey.  Embrace it, accept it and give it a big laugh while on it.


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