Love, a desire for the Soul.

Did you ever want it?
Did you want it bad?
Ohhh, my
It tears me apart
Did you ever fight it?
All of the pain, so much power
Running through my veins
Bleeding, I’m bleeding
My cold little heart

*Cold Little Heart/Michael Kiwanuka



Love is the place from where Soul originates from and arrives on Earth or any other planes that she chooses to experience. It is the place called Home for all the Souls out there. When you say Love, the first association of the Soul is Home. The most secure, comforting place where Love is All there is. Can you imagine? Love to be All there is, All which you know?

And she comes to Earth and All there it is, is shifted in limited edition including Love itself. From that moment on, from our birth on, we keep searching for the unconditional Love as we recall from our Home. First, from our parents ( find more about our Earth family here), then friends, then lovers, then our own children. Do we find one, unconditional? Yes and no. It is easy to mix Earth Love with unconditional Love, since you don’t quite remember how unconditional Love feels like and everything you know is Earth Love. And she is different. She is not pure, but mixed with thoughts and feelings directed by the ego. On the other hand it is possible to feel Spiritual Love here on Earth, if your parents somehow transformed their lives from ego to Soul, if you and your partner are living Soul life or if you have already awaken friends. It is not possible to feel unconditional Love from a person who lives ego life, not even your own parents. As long as ego interferes in your life, unconditional Love can’t be born or exist on its own. It would be the existence of small little parts of Love which will always need some kind of confirmation to continue to exist. Guess who needs confirmation all of the time? His majesty ego. He is like whole system opposite of the Soul. That is why you feel like there is two of you and indeed there is. One which is kind, joyful, loving and the other one which is full of prejudice, pain and fear. In the end, you have to choose the way you want to love and to be loved. The way you want to live. But you must remember that the way you will choose to love will also be the way you will be loved. You don’t get to love by your ego state and be loved by Soul state, even do it can happen sometimes in some circumstances as in twin flame Love which I will explain in some other Soul Chapter. Unfortunately, ego has a big trap for Love and he uses this trap the best way he can. He is creating that certain illusion to convince you that this is All there is and you better be satisfied with it.

Don’t accept that, don’t satisfied with the average. There is a whole different Love there waiting for you to discover. If it’s not right for your Soul don’t let your ego convince you that if you aren’t satisfied with this present one, you can stay with no Love at all. He uses fear so he can dominate you. Listen to your Soul because she can sense the unconditional Love, she can help you recognize it. But you must start from yourself and start loving yourself unconditionally, no matter what. Then fill your heart with unconditional Love and start sharing it. Not only you will heal your inner child this way, you will also expand yourself and attract this kind if Love towards you.

That is why it is important to choose unconditional Love. Because it is whole other system, it is whole other dimension, whole other life.  It takes some time, it takes some effort but in the end you will gain a new best friend, your Soul. And she will constantly rejoins with other Souls which will love you the best way they know. As Home.


Something your Soul wants to say?

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