How can i increase my Inner energy?

There is no doubt that all humans on Earth have the Source of the energy inside of them. It is the boundaries of the human mind that don’t allow them to connect  and use most of the energy. The capacity that humans use is very small and therefore the manifestations of it are insignificant.  To be able to increase the Inner energy, a person must take quite time with itself and try to reconnect with the Soul. That doesn’t necessarily means that you need to talk to your Higher Self, it just means that you need some peace so your Soul can hear your call and open her Source to your needs. Although you must know that you can increase you energy to that degree that you are capable to work with. According to the step of the Journey you are, certain amount of the energy is released to you.  Higher you go, higher the amount of energy you have. I believe now you ask yourself,  does that mean when i Master the Journey i will have unlimited energy to work with? And the answer is Yes. Once you reach the final step of the Journey you will have the unlimited recourse of energy. But then, you will know how to use it wisely and work with it for the greatest good. Increasing your Inner energy depends of what stage of your Journey you are, since you can’t force the process. Once you align those conditions your Soul will allow you to reach for more. You need to keep working on your Inner peace and wisdom, focusing on the inside, balancing Spirituality and Human life, find what works best for you. Your Soul will direct your way to reach higher levels of energy, without allowing you to get lost in the way. Just listen.


Something your Soul wants to say?

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