Reveal your Soul, Technique no. 1.

You speak, you gesticulate, you write. You use everything In your power to express what you feel, what you think. But, even with so many tools for expressing yourself, unfortunately, you are more likely to express your thoughts and feelings inadequately. It is not the words themselves, or the writings, or the art that you […]

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The words meant nothing.

  Destiny always returns. At the cost of karma. At the cost of honesty. At the cost of the heart. Nothing else matters. There is a reality. There is a thought. With whom you’d better feel. Who is less selfish. It is love that wins. It is a strength. My versus yours. My with yours. […]

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Sometimes I wrote.

  Once I spoke. Never to the others. Day after day, I save some more of me. Just for you. I hear you. I feel in myself. Sometimes I only dream. I live those lives, all those plans. I have to be here with you. I have to continue worldwide. To see the sun. For […]

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  If you do not express the thought, there is no worth in life. So I always talked. So, I always annoyed. Small paths do not exist. The biggest surprise is still holding me. It seems that back then the on balcony with the sea view was quite strong. And so profound. Begging me not to […]

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Different You, different Reality.

Previously I have told you about dreams and that when you are asleep, a part of your Soul is gone exploring different realities where you also exist. Then, your Soul comes back, you wake up and if you can remember you call it a weird dream. Furthermore, living in different realities is indeed happening, but […]

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