Hope, the anchor of the Soul.

Hope was defined as the perceived capability to derive pathways to desired goals, and motivate oneself via agency thinking to use those pathways.

Hope Theory: Rainbows in the Mind. C. R. Snyder. The University of Kansas, Lawrence.

Good luck with that. With all due respect to the psychology definition of Hope and everyone who are working on defining those kind of entities in human form. I would like to offer you a different point of the concept of Hope, which is nothing else than energy.

The first one is well-known to all of the humans on Earth as we can see, defined as something that is making you want to live no matter what. Something that keeps you going even in the darkest days. Something that make your life has a point, has an imaginary direction that you are trying to catch one day and that keeps you going. As each entity definition on Earth this one has also many limits so I would like to give you the real, true concept of the meaning of Hope. In Spiritual way, Hope Is something that was necessary for people to have so the Soul can fulfill her purpose on Earth. Since the human mind is very limited it was necessary to have some kind of gate through the energy outside of it, to the energy of All there is so he can reach to it and gain the much-needed energy available for him, when his limiters will reach their pick and he must repair itself. Souls in Spiritual world has unlimited access to Hope even she is not necessary for them, but people access is defined through their awareness where more of one means more of another. Whenever the Soul is unable to access the core of the human and proceed her purpose, whenever the ego boundaries are guilty for non-manifestation of your goals or dreams, hope is activated so you can proceed along. It’s the Soul tool to help you keep looking for her until you reveal it one day and act along with it. That day when you’ll find your Soul and be aligned with it purpose you will gain unlimited access through the Source of Hope together. And still, humans are getting satisfied with very small amount of Hope in their live’s, just to keep them going for the day. The strongest case of non- presence of Hope are noticed in something that Is characterized as a depression on human Earth, which is medical illness by Earth rules, when all it is just domination of the ego and restricting even the slightest gap that Soul used to send you that energy that you call Hope. It is something that happens when your ego convinced yourself that you are not worth enough, that the world has nothing to offer you and you should not expect anything. It is a sick ego, not mental illness. Repair the ego and you can repair most of the illnesses that humans have, physical or psychological, especially psychological. Ego is a serious threat that sometimes even Soul can’t overpower and that is when the biggest struggles in human life are happening. You must be aware of the consequences of the sick and broken ego. Illnesses, suicide, murders, wars, It’s all due to the broken ego.


Therefore, to keep your Soul alive, to keep you body alive, to keep being healthy and to keep your Hope alive, being in position to control the ego is the best thing you can accomplish. You are the most important, not the ego in you. Keep feeding and nourish your Self, not your ego. Drama, negativity, conflicts, fear are all ego foods. Mindfulness, peace, joy, play are all Soul foods. The energy of Hope will forever be present in you, as a part of the Source, but you must learn how to reach to it and how to increase it availability. And that is through feeding your Soul. She will bring you all the beautiful energy of All knowing, health and glory.  This is what it’s truly about. Hope is the energy that allows you to make your own things. Your own happiness. Your own definitions. Your own love, family, opportunity. To make your own reality. Allow glory to happen by giving yourself daily gratitude to your own worthiness.


Something your Soul wants to say?

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