The Secret of Success.

Straight to the point. No circling around it. Let’s be clear once for all.

There is only one Secret , the Secret of All. It is the same secret which is used by people who cured themselves, to find the love of their life, to be successful, to have wealth. You have to act from your Soul, from your Heart, you must have purest desires for manifestation to happen. No ego interfering, only pure Soul reasons. You must be led by a deep sense of a great purpose. It is the act of the Universe which you will manifest in the human world through your actions, when you will find your ultimate goal. Most of the people who succeed had a great sense of knowing  that their work will help many people to grow, many people to change their lives. Many artist had only one thing in mind when they create their art and that is to influence people, to show their deepest, inner voice in their own way, their own interpretation of the Soul. To remind the others that there is something bigger.
It is no luck for some people to become great entrepreneur’s, singers, actors, artists. They all had to prepared themselves before Universe manifest their inner wish. Some of them was preparing unconsciously, some of them was putting conscious awake work on it. Nevertheless, it is a work in progress and once you’ll Master the secret it can not be undone. Once you Master how to serve your Soul, she will forever gratefully transform your inner desires in the physical world. Your physical appearance is meant to serve the Soul, not your ego. You are physical tool for her to experience everything that she need in this life. And if you learn to cooperate together she can make your dreams come true. You are the product of the Soul, she is not product of you. She has existed many years before you and she will continue to live, once your body dies. It is very important for you to recognize yourself in your Soul, because that is the eternal part of you. Considering the rest of you, ego, mind, body, they are very temporary and insignificant on the long run. Once you recognize yourself in your Soul, you will start to pay more attention on her and slowly stop focusing on the outer world. In that moment, when there will be not a single thing most important then your Soul, the success will happen. Often, you can say on Earth, things are happening when you least expect it. Or when you gave up. It is true, because in those moments of giving up, you are realizing that nothing is so important to disturb your inner peace. Then, your Soul knows that you choose her over some material goal or achievement. And she is very appreciative and grateful.

When you gave up on something, don’t let your ego convince you are quitter or not good enough. You are just tired of neglecting your Soul. You are just realizing the significance of your All. You can’t win it all and you shouldn’t. Don’t let the outer world define your purpose or goal,  since you already have that inside of you, it is already there. When you let the outer world define your purpose, there is immediate conflict building since now you have two purposes, one defined from the material world and one from your Soul. It is very difficult and devastating to live in this struggle and unfortunately many  people live this way, never understanding what is the reason that they don’t feel accomplished or peaceful. Some of them have it all and still feel empty.  You can definitely gain material wealth investing a lot of hard work on your outer define goal. But, you can’t consider that as a Success. The Success with a big S is when you have succeed in accomplishing your Soul purposes. When you have gain the strength to reveal it, to listen to it, to live by it. That will forever be your Successful story.


The only thing you need is to move from your ego defined purpose to your Soul purpose.
Once you realized your Soul purpose you can easily follow her with no hard work, since you will be doing what you always wanted. It was never planned for you to struggle with your life. It was planned to be easy and it’s going to be, I promise. If you have difficulties in this moment, no matter in which aspect, you are probably  in a deep conflict and your Soul is trying to tell you something. Stop struggling for a moment and be there for her. She will give you the most powerful insights and repair your life in a way you can never imagined. Remember, you are a warrior. You are in your last battle, but the most important one. Conquer your ego, conquer your fears and release your Soul.


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